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Professional Skills


Dr. Monique Calisti is an ICT professional with consolidated experience in leadership responsibilities, including R&D management, product and business innovation, consulting, and market development for innovative software products across several industry segments (business process management, telecommunications, manufacturing, and logistics). Her major expertise and skills include:

- Extensive domain knowledge in multi-agent systems, autonomic computing, Future Internet technologies, and Telecommunication networks.
- Proven skills in developing and delivering efficient solutions to complex technical problems and business cases.
- Dynamic, creative and pragmatic approach to team leadership and problem solving.
- Strong communication and listening skills and sound large-scale international project management capabilities.
- Professional publications (written and edited more than 50 scientific papers, several books, etc.).
- Multi-cultural and multi-tasking: Italian, born in Belgium, in Switzerland for 15 years, 3 children, speaking 5 languages and holding 2 Ph.D.s.


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Professional Services


As independent freelance, Dr. Monique Calisti offers the following professional services:


- Evaluation of European Commission funded Research and Innovation projects
- Finding and ensuring European grants and funds for Research and Innovation activities
- Finding and establishing Swiss funded CTI/KTI R&D projects
- R&D project proposal writing, funding, management, evaluation and review
- Search and establishment of technical and/or business partnerships
- Organization and advertisement of R&D events, including trade shows, conferences, workshops, courses, etc.
- Exploitation/know-how transfer and dissemination of R&D activities' results
- Technical consulting/training on ICT technologies
- Business development & innovation management support for startups and SMEs
- Advisor for public authorities
- VC gathering

For more information, feel free to contact her at: monique (AT) calisti (DOT) ch